Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sir No, Sir.

It's seems that yesterday General Pace Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff forgot one of the cardinal rule of being in uniform, you don't voice your opinion. In an "Official" interview with the Chicago Tribune he decide that he need to do just that by declaring homosexuality as immoral. First, General that is you opinion and you should keep that to yourself and second the you are not fit to judge anyone. Heaven forbid, should that have been some Private or Seaman declaring his opinion on government policy, he or she would never hear the end of it. If they were lucky they would only end up chipping paint for a month or so. Sir you are an experienced soldier and you should know better.
General in the position of authority that you are in, you only follow the rule that have been laid out by the President and the Congress. If you want to speak about what is and isn't moral take off your uniform and haul your ass into your local place of worship. Hey, general do you want to know what is immoral?
  • How about prisoner abuses in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib.
  • How about send your troops into battle ill-equipped and under-equipped.
  • How about abandoning troops that have been wounded physically or mentally after they have returned from war.
  • How about loosing $2.3 trillion dollars cash in Iraq or spending even more for reconstruction projects that have never been completed.
  • Marines and sailor raping an Iraqi women then mascaraing witness and then claiming they had ambushed to cover it up.
  • That your commander in Chief lied to America and the whole world just to go to War.
  • Last as I had mentioned before about the GAO report that the Pentagon has spent over $200 million dollars on Don't Ask, Don't Tell investigations from 1994 to 2005. These costs do not take into account training, education, security clearances or training of replacements. During that same time period the pentagon has discharged over 10,000 service members (1). So when you finally add up all of the cost it's probably closer to a $billion dollars.
General while you are in uniform you represent the military not a priest, so stop preaching and start leading. Oh yes you do owe every Gay and Lesbian active duty and veteran's and apology. We have served this country with honor, distinction and to many have made the ultimate sacrifice. General, you are an ASS! and that's my opinion of you Sir, just another wingnut.

(1) http://www.sldn.org/binary-data/SLDN_ARTICLES/pdf_file/3195.pdf

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