Friday, February 16, 2007

Up, Up and Away

Have I completely lost my mind? What in the world was I thinking? Spring training starts tomorrow in Ft. Myers for the Bos Sox and in Orlando for the Braves, and I'm heading north. I fly from Hartsfield-Jackson to Logan at 10am tomorrow, when the plane hits the ground it will be 15 degrees. Why? Well the answer to that is a family obligation. So it should be fun, it's will be my niece's 4th birthday on Saturday.
But, here is messed up part the whole reason I'm going up to Boston is to see them, right. Yeah, on Saturday they are going to see the Disney on Ice ‘‘Princess Wishes” at the Gah’den (Garden). So I won't be seeing them that day. I'll probably see them for a couple of hours tomorrow and then on Sunday there is a kid's birthday party. Now I love kids, just in small doses, for me and kids it's kind of like nuclear material; its all about Time, Distance and Shielding.
So over all I don't know why I let my mom talk me in to this, I wanted to come up after the semester is over. Then I could spend a week up there and actually spend some quality time with them. I guess I'll just make the best out it all.
Only really shitty part of the whole thing is when I get back Ryan is going to go under the knife and his appendix out on Thursday the same day I have a Mid-term. I've already spoken with my professor about it and he's willing to work with me. So I'll probably end up taking it Friday morning or maybe even on Tuesday. He wanted me to take it on Wednesday (only day I'm working next week), but I have to work and I think I'm the only manager that day because everyone else is in Dallas at a meeting. Which leaves me with a lot of time to study if it's Friday or very little because of the trip. This next week is going to be nutty rushing from here to there and string out my nerves. Only saving grace is I know for a fact Dad and I will be hitting one of my favorite pubs up North, I was hoping to catch up with friends but I guess that may have to wait until summer.

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