Monday, February 12, 2007


Now I've never considered myself much of a tree hugger, but I have always been conscience of the environment. When I got to work today I noticed that something seemed different but I just couldn't place it at first. After looking around I noticed one common thing had disappeared. Simon Mall had their landscaping company which is really nothing more than a contractor cut down a bunch of trees, probably numbered around 10-15. It was actually pretty dismal sight all you can now see was concrete, brick and mortar. I really have no conceivable idea why they had this done. The trees were nice, mature and had no sign of disease, they were healthy. So now Simon Properties has created just another urban eyesore that they are so famous for.

I sent a complaint to Simon Properties but I'm sure my email will go unanswered and really do not expect a reply. I will have to give the City of Atlanta a call tomorrow to check to see if the mall applied for the proper permits. See there is a tree protection ordinance in the city which requires an inspection by a city's Arborist and approved permits otherwise they will be fined. It also requires that trees be replaced or the property or owner is fined until they are. I hope that they applied for all the proper permits. I guess I'll find out tomorrow when I call the City.

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