Thursday, February 08, 2007

Houston we have a problem!

First off I apologized for the title of this posting, I know that quote has been over used this week, but it's so true. I will get to that in just a moment. I'm sorry that I haven't been posting as much as I usually do, not that I have ever had a set system. My schedule this semester has left me with little time to myself, for photography or even to throw my thoughts down on here so you can all enjoy. I just want to thank those of you that wished me a happy birthday last week I really appreciate the thought. Now let’s to the odds and ends of this week.

Ummm Houston, WTF is going on??

Astronaut and Navy Captain Lisa Nowak went from being at the top of her profession to looking like a crack addict killer on the TV show COPS. Seriously, did you see her mug shot in the newspaper? I mean geeezzz what was she thinking?? And secondly who did the psych-eval for NASA?? We actually trusted this person with a $Billion dollar Space Shuttle. There just is something not right with her and she needs some major therapy sessions. It just makes you say what the F@#*! I guess you may want to re-think letting your kids becoming astronauts, they're still in diapers, not your kids the astronauts.

No Kids, No Benifits.

Next I came across this story on one of the local CBS affiliates here in Atlanta. In response to the Anti-Gay Marriage amendment that passed in Washington state; "Proponents of same-sex marriage have introduced a ballot measure that would require heterosexual couples to have a child within three years or have their marriages annulled." The group that has proposed this bill has all of the Religious Right and Conservatives fanatics in their sights, which have always claimed that one of the purposes behind marriage, is to make babies. When I first read this article I laughed my ass off and I give them my props. Now in reality I doubt it will ever pass as true as it is, it's a pretty silly proposal and damn vengeful. Why can't we all agree that marriage is about love and commitment, and seriously if the ceremony is not performed by a Minister, Rabbi, Priest or whatever that religion calls their leader it's just a civil commitment. (These are just my thoughts and I'm sure someone is going to whine.)

I'm Not GAY! Oh Yeah, But I am and If your gay here you're F#$%!

It was great to hear that former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard has been cured of his gayness. It only took a month, did some of King George's friends take him away to a secret location where they gave him extensive electric shock therapy or was it like that scene in Clockwork Orange where they had the guy's eyelid held open and flashed pictures in front of him. But, is he now on some sort of out patient of straight porn every 4 hours? Oh and don't forget the dietary restrictions I'm sure he's on pure Meat and Potato "MAN-Diet" and don't forget he needs to only wash that down with Coors beer. Seriously I'm glad to hear it I really didn't like the Idea of being associated with the likes of his kind. Though I wonder how he's coming with his Meth addiction?

The Good news was the former NBA player John Amaechi, came out of the closet. At least he has the balls to tell the world that he's proud of who he is. It takes a lot of courage for an athlete to come out of the closet active or retired. I really wish him the best for a happy life.

Oh and don't be gay in Michigan. There an appeals court ruling that bans public universities and state and local governments from providing health insurance to partners of gay employees has alarmed gay rights advocates nationwide. I'm sure it will be appealed. Last time I checked one of my X's was living there and he was working for the Universities there so this sucks for him. Sorry Matt. But once one state does this it's only a matter of time before other follow suit, I'm sure all of the conservatives in Georgia are salivating right now.

Nukes and Cyber Attack

There maybe hope yet, North Korea has re-enter multilateral talks for their Nuclear weapon program. Though they did demand fuel oil up front before they would talk but they did about face quickly and started talking. Let's just hope that this problem can be solved, but I have my doubts. I trust N. Korea about as much as I trust King George.

Now I don't want you to think that this cyber attack was just an over loading of your mailbox with SPAM, this was a bit more serious than that. It was basically a terrorist attack against the entire Internet in attempt to bring it down. It was attack on the free markets and monetary system that is needed for the global society. The interesting thing was nothing was mentioned in the mainstream media; nothing on CNN or any of the newspapers I read. I only heard about from NPR on "All Things Considered". Here is a link if you’re interested in hearing the story it's well worth it or if you prefer to read I found something about on CNET.

A. Smith found dead and other

Personally I really don't care, I know that sound pretty shitty, but there are more important issues than her. I always saw her as an example of what is wrong with culture in this country.
Oh and speaking of lack of culture who gave that idiot another 5 minutes of fame. I don't know he is and why he's whining, Dude everyone heard you sing, You Sucked.

I hope this keeps everyone tied over for a while and I promise, I'll post a few more photos this week. I hope everyone has a Sweet Weekend.

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