Monday, January 29, 2007

Work Ethic

I am at loss for an understanding of were some peoples work ethic is today. We had our bi-annual inventory today at the store. I just can not understand people, everyone knew when it was we didn't spring this on them at the last minute but they still complained. In some case did a really shitty job, by counting things at random or just skipping over things because there were just to many. I guess they just never learned how to count past ten.
Now I understand for some people this is not there primary occupation. But, they are being paid to do a job and we don't ask them to do anything that any of the management team wouldn't do themselves. It's not like they are being asked to go to sea for 40-50 days and never seeing the sun during that whole time at sea. We don't ask them to stand watch while in port and watch the water surrounding the ship freeze.
Today it seems people just wanted to be paid for just going through the motions. Heaven forbid should they actually do a job that they are being paid for. When I was in the USN we had a term for them we had a list of fellow crew mate that just weren't worth a shit we called them the WOF Posse (Waste of Flesh). These people were on step below the NUB's (None Useful Bodies) which just were the fresh meat from boot camp and just had not proven their worth, yet. See the WOF's had been on board for a while and knew better, they just knew how to play the system. Even to this day I'd take one NUB over 10 WOF's.
All I know is I see why America is loosing more ground each day and more jobs are being shipped overseas. Until people wake up we will continue to loose our competitive edge. Maybe I just set my expectations to high, but how low do I have set them before I'm impressed?

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