Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Starting off on the wrong foot

This is not the way we wanted to start the new year.
The last week or so Ryan has been feeling under the weather and really wasn't sure what was going on. He had a pain on his side that he attributed to a pulled muscle from an agressive work out at the gym. But, he was also running a fever and had a head cold. We figured he just had the flu. Just what everyone wants over the holidays, right? He finally go to his doctor yesterday and get everything checked out and this is how it unfolds.
Around noon yesterday I get a call at work from Ryan that his doctor told him to get his ass to the emergency room PRONTO! I met him at the house and drove him to Piedmont Hospital emergency room. To make a long story short and a 14 hour wait there. We found Ryan's apendix had burst probably a week ago when first started to feel the pain. He has an abessed apendix that will have to be treated and drianed before they can actually remove it. So the lesson here to all my friends if you feel a strange shooting pain in your side please seek attention right away.
Ryan is going to be alright, just the burden of being in the hospital for a few days, missed work and future operation to have it removed. I really hate to see the poor guy in pain, I just need to make sure he is comfortable. I just want to warn everyone now if I seemed stressed, unavailable, short fused or tired please do not take it personally, I just have a lot going on right now.

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