Sunday, January 07, 2007

This is Extremely Disturbing

Okay now I understand we all have our bad habit and I'm not saying that I'm exempt. I also understand that every now then a part of our bodies get an itch that we have to scratch. But, lets get real. Today at work I saw the nastiest thing ever, this dude had his buried half way up his nostril picking away, not once but three times. This wasn't in any seclude corner of the store it was right in the damn middle and then he had the nerve to flick it away.
The worst part was that this guy's new wife was standing right there like it was nothing. Is she fucking blind, what the hell could she possibly see in this guy? Why didn't she nudge him and say stop that. On top of it all I had to answer a question they had. Thank God he didn't offer me his hand to shake because there would be no way that I could touch it with out puking on the both of them.
I don't know where these piece of white trash were from, I guess this is proper etiquette at the local Tractor Supply store. I guess it could have been worse and he could have ate or wiped it on his wife, though she probably would have enjoyed that. All I can say, is I hope they are both sterile, the world doesn't need these two poisoning the gene-pool. Hey dude if you are reading this next time there is a men's room at the top of the stairs on the right, just past the furniture customer service desk.

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