Thursday, November 30, 2006

War on Christmas

I'm really tired of this crap about a "war on Christmas" it really grinds on me. It seems that one of King George's court jester picked up on a story where Betty Kahn was quoted in saying
"Crate & Barrel has Jewish, Muslim and atheist customers, said spokeswoman Betty Kahn. "We would definitely not say Merry Christmas," she said. "It's all about holiday shopping, getting together with friends and family."
So now they are taking issue with what Betty said and Bill O'Reilly now wants everyone to boycott Crate and Barrel. Okay, I don't know what the context was of the whole interview and if there were any follow up questions. All I do know is that I work for Crate and Barrel and not once have they ever said that an employee can not say "Merry Christmas". We are free to say what we are comfortable with. I mean if we were to follow these court jester's then I guess we need to ban "Frosty The Snow Man" and the movie "Holiday Inn". I mean Frosty said "Happy Birthday" and Bing Crosby sung the number "Happy Holidays".
I'm a liberal Democrat if you hadn't already guest that and I want to get one thing straight with all of you zealouts out there. The tree we put up in our house is a Christmas tree. Next, If I know someone is not Christian, then I'm not going to wish them a Merry Christmas, that would be insulting to them, and moronic on my part. This is what drives me nuts with all religious fundamentalists in this world, don't you people realize we are all different and some people do not follow your specified beliefs. Why can't we just have an all encompassing holiday season were everyone shuts up about the other. You know we can all just grab a pint of your favorite drink sit down and just all get along, I think it was once called "Peace On Earth and Good Will to All!" Which I know is a phrase that these warmongering jester's have never heard.

Bill O'Reilly Starts Up the Fake War on Christmas Again

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nikki said...

i happened to be looking for stuff about our lovely company being attacked and found one of my favorite coworkers when i did a search for this topic! rob is telling the truth- we have never been told what we can or cannot say!! and we have worked for the company for a long time!

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