Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or treat? Just a theory

Halloween just is not the same anymore. I know everyone has probably heard their older sibling or parents say the same thing. But it isn't and there is more to it then just trick or treating and here's why.

I know everyone says it's not safe out and that is world is full of nutcases. It's our own fault. We now have restrained ourselves from get to know our neighbors. If we are lucky we know the neighbors on either side of our home and not much further. I know this isn't always the case and in some places their is a real sense of community.

I grew up in Weymouth MA. a good size town of about 60k. The town government was comprised of a Town selectmen and Town Meeting, yeah I know typical New England. But you knew what was going and everyone was pretty trustworthy. Now there is a Town Manager and City Counsel and it's just not the same. My mom says it wrecked the town and as she puts it; "It's so impersonal now, just another bureaucracy."

It's still a good town. On the street where I grew up, you knew everyone up and down the and around the corner. My Friends and I shoveled our neighbors drive ways in the winter for tips. But there were some we would never charge and would run away every time Mrs. Boowers would try to pay us. They were just a sweet elderly couple. Everyone around us just looked out for each other. They weren't afraid
to watch the dog and cat, to get involved, or even call the police if something did happen. Hell being a kid you could do anything wrong mom and dad would always find out about.

Now, then new couples have moved in and the people my parents know has dwindled. When I go home we'll drive by a home and Mom or Dad will say "do you remember so and so?" Then there will be one of those embarrassing childhood stories that scars you even to this day. But it's true my parents have met a few of the new neighbors but even close to as many people as they used to.

Even in the neighborhood I live in now we know probably about eight of the twenty families in the CUL-de-sac where we live. I can honestly say that Ryan and I haven't made a conscious effort and as guilty as everyone else. We do wave to everyone and say hi when we see them on the street so I think that is a start. What is the cause of this problem? Is it Society? Has our Culture changed that much? Have we Changed? I don't what when wrong , but how do we fix it?

My point to all of this is today everyone is afraid they might be inconvenienced if they see someone snooping around your home. They don't want to have to be bothered calling the police because they might have to spend 5 minutes giving a description to a police officer. Today we see a rise in religious fundamentalism of all kinds but they all forget to look out for their brothers and sisters whomever they may be. We are no in a Global community but we are afraid of everyone, how can we be a Global citizen when we can' t even feel safe in our own local communities. Maybe we just need to see each other for who we are and forget the difference we may have. We need to work together and stop playing tricks on each other.

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