Thursday, October 19, 2006


As we can see by this story that hate is still alive and well in America. I just wish a month would go by and story such as this wouldn't rear it's ugly face. If it's not the brutality of humanity then it'some public figure opening thier stupids mouths. Who do we blame for all this? When in America will we actually live up to the standards that we set? I am glad that I don't have to raise any children in this world everyday things seem even more hopeless.

11 October 2006

Four Arrested in Internet Set-Up

Four young men are arrested and at least one is charged in connection with the brutal beating of Michael Sandy—the nephew of the popular entertainer Calypso Rose—who was lured to a remote parking lot after an encounter in an internet chat room.
Nineteen year-old John Fox of Brooklyn faces assault, robbery and hate crime charges. Detectives say tell WCBS that this is not the first time Fox has lured a gay man from an online chat room to a remote location promising sex, only to leave him severely beaten.
2006_10_11_sandy2_1Police say the teen and his accomplices say they are straight and targeted Sandy in the chat room because "he was an easy mark." Sources say three of the attackers are white, which led to initial suspicions that the attack along the Belt Parkway was race-related.
Michael Sandy will turn 29 tomorrow and is an interior designer for Ikea. He remains brain-dead at Brookdale Hospital and his family is agonizing over taking him off the respirator. His aunt is Calypso Rose, the popular singer from Tobago who is in NYC with the family: "From what I see, only a miracle could bring back that boy. Right now, things are not looking good."
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