Monday, September 25, 2006

Things Getting Dirtier in Texas

During my evening commute I always listen to All Things Considered on NPR to and from work. Today there was this particular story that struck a nerve with me. They were reporting on the proposed building of 17 coal burning electric plants in Texas, and how the Governor of that state is trying to ram down the throats of its citizens with as little debate if possible. It pretty much has the cattle industry pretty peeved not to mention the mayors of the major cities. But I guess Governor Perry totes around a bottle of Oxygen with him or just never goes to Houston. Well wouldn't want the residents of that city now hold the record for the WORST air in the US to get any better, that would just be un-republican.

What really aggravates me is Atlanta is down wind from Texas and trust me Atlanta isn't winning any air quality awards of it's own, but we surely don't any acid rain from the Texas Power grid.

The worst part of this whole story is all the Mayors, cattle ranches and environmental groups want is for the Power companies to use the cleanest technology available, which burns 70-90 percent cleaner. Which in turn would drastically reduce Greenhouse gases, Mercury and Sulfur Dioxide. I mean the to hell with the Eastern US, The world and any other living creatures Texas needs Big Dirty Power.

For once I just wish someone would take Global Warming seriously at some level. Everyone seems to want to try but then there is some Governor, business or both the under minds everyone else’s efforts. At what point will people get it?? How much is the only Planet that our future generations and we have to live on actually worth? I guess well just have to ask Gov. Perry, politicians in Texas are easy to buy. Just another reason why I hate Texas, damn ego maniacs.

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