Friday, August 04, 2006


Well I had to brave the heat yesterday and run a couple of errands at Georgia State in downtown Atlanta. So I figured I’d make a day of it and walk from 5 points down to Midtown Atlanta, it’s probably about 5 miles. Along the way I wanted to take some photos and get some exercise at the same time. I have to say it was quite a little adventure.

In Woodruff Park there were many people enjoying the sunshine and eating their lunch. The local bible thumpers provided them with some very nice comic entertainment and damning them all to hell. Whatever. They drive me nuts, I can’t believe they have nothing better to do but make a public nuisance of themselves. But anyway they gave a good chuckle as I shook my head as I passed by. After taking a few photos there and at Georgia State I headed down Peachtree road towards Midtown.

I found a few interesting skyscrapers to snap few pictures of as well as a few sculptures. I never realized how many there actually are in Atlanta, especially on Peachtree Rd. Over all the SunTrust building had quite a few and it was my favorite building of the day. On the day I have to say that panhandlers hit me up probably 15 or more times. Atlanta seems to have more than any of the other cities that I’ve been too. Well in Hania, Greece there had been quite a few but there they were mostly Gypsies and they were children. In the US most tend to be male and in there 30’s, a Veterans and just forgotten by society. Even though Atlanta has an anti-panhandling law the police don’t enforce it, which is fine by me. It’s a stupid law.
I never could understand why you would arrest someone for asking for spare change. Our society has looked the other way and ignored them, which is probably the reason many have dropped out. Enough of that I’ll have to dedicate an entire piece to that subject, lets get back to my walk.

In front of the SunTrust building they had a few interesting sculptures and I went through a couple of rolls of film just there alone. After that I kind of lost interest, it was just getting to damn hot. I did find a few more interesting tidbits to capture with my lens. All and all I went through 5 rolls of film and will drop they off in a little bit.

Finally when I made to Midtown this kid goes running by me and tight on his heals was this large construction worker. Just as he made it past me he screams “Stop Thief!” My immediate thought was oh shit; next I just stood to the side and watched as it all unfolded. The Kid only made about 20 yards before the guy caught up with him and tackled him to the ground. I was like damn that was cool, and then the guy just started wailing on the kid. I mean he beat his ass bloody. A few moments later these two older ladies came hobbling down the street, and they were scream kick the shit out of him. Once they had things under control I wander down closer to the scene, come to find out the kid stole one of the ladies wallets when she sat down on a counter at Starbucks.

It probably took the police 10 minutes to show up on the scene and by then the construction work and Valet from Gordon Biersh had the kid pinned to the ground. I think the kid got what he deserved and I give Props to the construction worker that made the dash to help the ladies. It wasn’t like it would have been an even match anyway the guy out weighed the kid by probably 100 lbs., but I never thought the guy would have caught the little bastard. Sorry I didn’t get any photos of the melee, I had run out of film by that point. Even if I did I don’t think I would have take any pictures of it anyway. But that was my day, how was yours??

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