Monday, August 07, 2006

Stinger Attack

Today in a Northern Atlanta neighborhood an unidentified male was injured in a stinger missile attack. The man sustained an injury to his left ankle, he is said to be doing fine and was treated and released. He's quote as saying " All I say was this streak of yellow and then a stinging pain in my leg." This ravenous gang is said to still be on the loose. This same gang carried out a similar attack last year in the same neighborhood. With this information the military is conducting a surveillance operations in the area and is ready to call in a napalm strike on their lair. It is also believed that the suicide attacker died after using its stinger weapon.

Okay a bit dramatic I know, but it sound better than I was stung by a Yellow Jacket while mowing the lawn. All I can say is if Georgia Tech wants to see their mascots alive again then they better come save their little hides. Because I have all intentions of conducting an early evening firebombing of their lair and if that doesn’t work I can always drown the little fuckers. I’m sorry but there are some viscous little creatures that don’t serve any productive process on this earth, the first is Yellow Jackets and the other is Mosquitoes. May they all burn in hell.

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