Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I bit my tongue

I really don’t know how to say this but now I know why people don’t vote. Today when I got into work (after casting my ballot) one of my co-workers addressed the fact that I had an “I’m a Georgia Voter” sticker on. The conversation went like this.

Co-worker: “You voted, that’s cool, but I thought the election was in November.”
Me: “It is, there was a runoff election today for some seats in Georgia and Congress.”
Co-worker: “ Oh, good I thought I missed it. I want to make sure I vote then. So I can vote against BUSH. I really hate him and sick of his shit.”
Me: (My immediate thought was WTF was this person thinking.) “Well he can’t run for re-election this or any year and the next Presidential election is in 2008.”
Co-worker: “Oh’ he’s not going to run again? Well that’s good.”
Canadian Co-worker: Love (she calls everyone that), the President can only run for two terms or eight years total.

I walked away at this point because; I didn’t want this person to feel more ridiculous than they already must have felt. I mean a person from Canada knew more about our political system then a person that had been born in this country. I just wanted to bang my head against the wall. Now I’m into politics a bit more than most of my co-workers, and probably drive a few of them nut because of this. But lets be serious now, this person thought (1) That Bush could and was running again and (2) didn’t know that the state that they lived in was having Gubernatorial election this year. Now I don’t know what they did in 2004 but I’m sure that they didn’t vote, possibly they may not have been legal age in 2000, but they were in 2004.

My questions are how do we get people to pay attention to our political system? Is there any answer to this question and what will it take? Don't they teach simple concepts like this in high schools in this country?

All I could do was to bite my tongue and tried not say anything sarcastic, I was just hopping that the person from Canada gave them a wake up call. Maybe in the future this person will pay closer attention to what is going on around them. I mean I don’t care whom a person votes for, just make some sort of effort to go to the polls; it only takes a half hour or so. Today I was in and out in fifteen minutes and in the primary it was about 20 minutes if that.

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