Monday, August 07, 2006

Georgia's Run-Off Election

I just wanted to remind everyone in Georgia that tomorrow (Tuesday August 8th) is the run-off election. This is especially important in Georgia 4th District, where democratic challenger Hank Johnson whom is battling incumbent Cynthia McKinney for her seat. Though Cynthia has stood alone against the Bush Administration she has done very little lately. She missed the votes for renewal of the Voters Rights Act, the House attempt at passing FMA and the vote on minimum wage increase.  So when asked what have you done for us lately, well honey, NOT A DAMN THING!

In the Past I had admired her courage to speak out against this administration but lately she has been quiet. Not to mention her encounter with a Capitol Police, which was more, about “don’t you recognize me?” “I’m important and your not.” Just shut up, clean out your office we want someone else.

In another important vote for the Democratic candidate for LT. Governor’s race we have Greg Hecht against Jim Martin. This is a toss up they are both good candidates and I like both of their ideas. But I’m leaning towards Mr. Martin; he has been endorsed by Atlanta Stonewall Democrats. So that kind of topped the scales for me and I’m voting for Mr. Martin.

All I want to do is urge anyone in Georgia to get out and vote. Here’s a link to the AJC’s voters Guide so you can make your own informed choices.

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