Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A few notes

I think we have all had a night on the town where we had a few drinks and blurted out something to someone that we really shouldn't have said. It could have been that secret that a friend told you in confidence or maybe you told someone something that was rather embarrassing. That's one of the attributes of alcohol it lifts your inhibitions. And well, this is something that Mel Gibson has to deal with. Now I'm not defending the guy, I have not been one of his fans. What I don't understand is these celebrities is why in the hell don't the call a car service or a cab?? They are filthy rich so it's not like they can't afford it like some of us. I don't make it a habit of drinking and driving my life nor someone else is worth the risk. So there are two stories here and people seem to be forgetting that. This ass had a few drinks and got behind a wheel of a vehicle and luckily he didn't kill someone. When are we going to just take these idiots cars, all of them and then take their license away. Celebrities get off Scott-free everytime, they have their lawyers and just get off with a warning or maybe having to make a commercial for MADD.
Now the comments that he made, I'm sure for monetary reason he's regretting it. All the crap about how he wants to discover where these hate filled feeling came from, well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He can't say that his father didn't have something to do with that. He's already proven that he blames the Jews for Jesus death in his stupid movie. I'm surprised he didn't become vocal about homosexuals either, because he's a big Homophobe also. Let's just face it he won't change and this goes double for being a crummy actor.

In the Caribbean, tropical storm Chris is projected to become the first hurricane of the 2006 season. Beyond that no one has a clear picture where is will go. We'll all just have to keep a close eye on the storm and hope that it turns out to sea.

Where having a Heatwave, Tropical Heatwave..... Temperatures nation-wide are still hovering in the 90's and above everywhere. Don't forget your pets make sure they have plenty of fresh water and if you have elderly neighbors just drop by and see how they're doing. Also, Officials warn of possible brown-outs in the Northeast and in the Midwest. They are also saying that it could take 10 years before anything is done to upgrade the nations power grid. Thanks again to the GOP for pushing deregulation.

The Middle-East is still covered in Blood from Lebanon to Iraq. In Iraq yesterday 44 police and Iraqi army personnel where killed. Mostly due to Civil War like violence that has developed in and around Baghdad. This has been increasing and has been mostly overshadowed by the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict. Neither country look to be improving, just getting worse. I have always feared Civil War in Iraq and it looks like it could become full fledged one here in the near future.

In Cuba there has been little word about Fidel Castro other than he is recovering. We'll just have to wait and see. I know little to nothing about his brother other than he has been gaining more power from his brothers over the years. I don't know if he is as ruthless of a ruler as his brother or he would be open to talks with US. Personally I never understood the embargo, I understand the political motives behind it. But seriously isn't more about the US ending up with Egg on our faces after the Bay of Pigs fiasco? How effective can it really be the rest of the world trades with Cuba or at least most of it.

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