Thursday, July 20, 2006

Waste Product: (n) The US Congress

I was watching CNN this morning and in between reports about the conflict in the Middle East they reported that; today the US Congress will be taking up the issue with the American Pledge of Allegiance and the wording “Under God.” Are these people really serious? Is this really an important issue that is gripping our nation? What the F_ck are these people thinking? This has to be one of the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars I have scene ever. These morons have yet to accomplish anything worthwhile this session. They have take up useless issues that mean nothing. Who F_ ck cares does it really mean that much to anyone? Outside of elementary school no one, No One recites the stupid thing.

Yesterday they passed the bill in favor funding stem cell research knowing hard and well that the Idiot was going to VETO it. I’m sure they knew they weren’t going to over ride the VETO, they just wanted to go thru the motions. Just like with the Bullshit Federal Marriage Amendment and the Flag Burning, another stupid piece of legislation. I just wish I could fire all of these Morons and hire new ones.

They failed to raise the minimum wage that has been increased since like 1997. Hell, even Wal-Mart supported the increase. But that same week they were able to give themselves a substantial raise, like they need one. God know they have done nothing to deserve it, WTF are these MORONS thinking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this group of Representatives took up the issues that people really care about like a real Energy bill that helps you and me and not the Oil industry? Maybe one that pioneers renewable energy and conservation or funding education and reducing college tuition burden or maybe fixing FEMA or reducing the tax burden of the average American and not the top 10% of the top 1%. Hell, they still have yet to take up the all of the recommendations of the 911 commission. This Congress has not take on 1 really issue that grips our country they are just pandering to a small percentage of the voters. All the while people struggle to survive and make ends meet

I am so pissed right now I wish we were back in the revolutionary era when you could tar and feather stupid government officials. Thomas Jefferson where are you? We are deep need of you guidance we have lost the way.

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