Wednesday, July 19, 2006

News and Notes

Georgia Primary In the race for the US Congressional GA-4 Cynthia Mckinney has been forced into a run off election with Democratic Challenger Hank Johnson. Sorry Cynthia but I voted for Hank, your most recent escapade appeared to me to be more about you, than anything having to do with racial discrimination.

Unfortunately Democratic candidate Mark Taylor beat out Cathy Cox for the chance to take on Governor Sonny Perdue in November. In this race I did vote for Cathy, her being a preferred candidate, because Mark Taylor is really no different than Sonny Perdue. I know there had been some controversy in the GLBT community when many felt that Cathy turned her back on us when she backed Gov. Perdue when she agreed with him in calling back the state Legislature after when the courts found problems with Georgia Gay marriage ban. Up to that point she had the endorsement from many GLBT organizations. Also some in the GLBT community that normally would have voted in the Democratic Primary crossed party lines to vote against Ralph Reed.

Which brings me to my next bit, Ralph Reed the former Christian Coalition leader was defeated in the Republican Primary for Lt. Governor yesterday. The scary part is that he did pick up 43% of the statewide. The good news is Jim Martin a Democratic candidate for LT. Governor did very well and forced into a run off with fellow Dem Jim Hecht. Though I do like both candidates Jim was my favorite and was endorsed by the Atlanta Stonewall Democrats.

All in all I have to say was pleased with most of the results though I don’t know if Mark Taylor will have a chance against Incumbent Governor Sonny Perdue. I just don’t think Mark stands out enough and with that I think overall Cathy would have put up a better fight. I guess we will have to watch and see what happens, Maybe now that he has the primary behind him Mark can so me some new Ideas that will improve the state of Georgia. Because Sonny “Hasn’t Done Shit!”

After a week Israel and Hezbollah are still going at. Worst part here is there are so many innocent people caught in the middle. I don’t see peace in the near future and only looks to get worse. As with past US administrations there may have been better chance at brokering some sort of a peace. But the current administration has severed diplomatic ties with Syria and Iran two countries that have control over Hezbollah. Now I’m not a big fan of Israeli's Mid East policies and sometimes it seems to me that they bring a lot of this on themselves. Though recently they have made a good faith effort to be good neighbors or at least as good of neighbors as they can be considering whom surrounds them. It's all so complicated especially for the civilians caught in the middle. Do I have a solution, sorry I can’t say that I do, I just see things getting worse before they get better.

As for the evacuation of US citizens in the area, this just another example of how well our government responds to crisis. The Idiot that is known as our President was off at the G-8 summit, or for him I’m sure it was a vacation. I doubt he offered any substantial input into any of the topics that were discussed, he probably doodled on a notepad like that kid in elementary school that was waiting for Summer vacation to start. No Child left behind.

On the lighter side……..
Dave Matthews Band would like to commemorate the 2006 summer tour, we are excited to announce that we will be releasing both nights of the Fenway Park shows as the next Live Trax volume! This special 4-CD set will contain every note played, including new songs such as The Idea of You and Can't Stop. Included will be recent revivals The Last Stop and Proudest Monkey, as well as DMB's rendition of the Fenway Park tradition, Sweet Caroline. Please stay tuned to the website for special Live Trax preorder information and announcements regarding the availability of Fenway event merchandise.

I can’t wait for this album if is anything like the other Live Trax albums it should be an awesome addition to my collection. If you’re a DMB fan and don’t have any of these you should check out their website because that is the only place you can find all of them. A few had been released in stores but those do not have all the tracks of the sets.

A photo update; I will be uploading some more photos to my flickr site today. Which will include Atlanta Pride, spring flowers and some garden bugs. I hope that you check that out and give me some feed back. Have a Happy Hump day everyone.

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