Monday, July 03, 2006

A Great Weekend

What a busy and beautiful weekend off. This past Saturday was Ryan’s birthday and our third anniversary. It started with us exchanging cards and giving him his birthday present, I got him a pair of Boston Acoustic speakers for the TDI. He was totally surprised, he had hinted that he wanted new door mount speakers but I don’t think he was expecting it. Later he had to run up to Greenville to visit his parents, but he was back by the afternoon. In that time our friend Clark came down from Cookville, TN. to visit and celebrate Ryan’s birthday.
We then went to see “The Devil Wear’s Prada” which was an awesome movie, very funny. Meryl Streep was brilliant and this role really had her in mind. If you have the chance to see it I highly recommend it we gave it 4 stars. After the movie we went to dinner at the Brio restaurant a where Mediterranean food is there specialty. It was a great meal and our server was a delight.
Sunday was just as busy; Clark had purchased tickets for the Braves vs. Orioles game. Horacio Ramirez pitched a great game. The weather was beautiful but a bit hot hitting about 95 degrees. But the Braves won 10-2 which was good for them, they had really been struggling, especially with inter-league play.
So how was your weekend???

PS. I Still owe everyone a few new posts and I haven't forgotten. Have a great week everyone.

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