Saturday, June 24, 2006


This weekend the annual Gay Pride celebration takes place here locally in Atlanta ( and in NYC ( They started back in 1969 with the Stonewall riots in New York. These riots were in response to a raid that was conducted on at the Stonewall Inn a gay bar in the city. In every year since Gay Pride marches and celebrations have taken place in cities across the United States and around the world.

Where we celebrate “Who we are” many in opposition see it as flaunting a unacceptable life style, they think we are forcing our way of life upon them. Which is hardly the case, I don’t think we are forcing our way of life upon them, were, as they want to force theirs on to us. All we want is people to accept us for who we are.

There maybe a few that enjoy the extra attention, but this is more about acceptance; white, black, gay, lesbian or transgender. People need to realize that we are your neighbors, co-workers, police, firemen and military. We are not all running around in chaps with our Asses hanging out. There is just more to than Dyke’s on Bikes, Drag Queens and Leather bears, these people are doing what makes them happy and they are damn proud of it. If they make you smile or giggle at what they are doing then I’m sure they won’t be upset and don’t worry they won’t hurt you, but they’ll see you at work on Monday.

Be PROUD of who YOU are and don't worry about what everyone thinks, just be yourself.

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