Monday, May 29, 2006

Mary Cheney.....SHUT UP!!

I had promised myself that I wouldn't say anything about Mary Cheney, well F_ck that. She had to open up her trap in another interview promoting her book. Shut The Hell Up! Ma'am you are nothing but a Benedict Arnold for every GLBT person in the U.S., you hypocritical hussy. You have no problem when it comes to your father and his buddys use everyone elses sexuality for their political gain, but its an invasion of privacy when Kerry did it. You had a chance to make a stand for the GLBT rights and you blew it. You are no better than the rest of the GOP alumni, its all about self-satisfaction and greed.

She really needs a wake up call. If it were up to the GOP we would all be in re-education camps. I have never been able to understand Log Cabin republicans and how they can support a party that is set on their destruction. There are so many others that have made sacrifices and you whine about yourself. I think of Matthews Sheppard or Seaman Allen Schindler that were persecuted in the name of bigotry. But Ms. Cheney you sit idly by whining about your privacy, I have no use for you.

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