Thursday, May 18, 2006

Implications of the Georgia Gay Marriage ruling

As many you have heard in the news or read here in this blog. On Tuesday a Fulton County judge, ruled that Georgias Constitutional amendment was Un-constitutional. First off the reason it was void in the first place was because it violated the state constitution on how ballot questions are to be presented to the voters. But what does this all mean??

Unlike in Massachusetts it does not mean that my partner and myself can run off and get married. Georgia loves their discrimination, they had already passed a law outlawing Gay Marriage and this amendment was just a back up. The State was afraid of Activist Judges ruling against the first law and striking that one down. One would have figured that they would have followed all rules to make sure that they got it right the first time.

The state has a couple of options here, they can appeal the ruling to the Georgia Supreme court and if they fail there Gov. Sonny Perdue has already stated he will call an emergency session of the state legislature. He has set a deadline of the first week in August, if the court hasnt ruled he will call this session. This special session will cost the voters about $35,000 dollars and Im sure the appeal will be costly as well. During this session the legislature will have to act fast in rework the wording on this ballot question so it can be put back to a vote in November. This will not give them much time do get the wording down, but Im sure they have already started the work.

What are the implications?? Well this is an election year here in Georgia and most importantly will be the Governors race. Just having this question up in the air again will only add fire to the evangelical republicans in the state. It had been looking good for one of the two Democratic candidates: Cathy Cox or Mark Taylor. The president as we all know is having a popularity crisis and many of his own party had lost faith. This issue is just what the Georgia GOP wanted it would energize Governors campaign.

This will all be playing out over the next weeks and Ill try to keep you informed and up to date.

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