Friday, May 26, 2006


I stumbled across this and found that it is something cool to do when your bored. Give a try sometime and see what your results are. Some of mine were pretty close.


what are your googlisms? will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything! Search for your name here or for a good laugh check out some of the popular Googlisms below.

"Its like a zany-madcap humour generator" - Waldopepper, FilePile

Who What Where When

Googlism for: robley

robley is in the ring wearing his patented "nobody calls me yellow" t (Bring it on!!!)
robley is fighting with friday on the floor
robley is in palm beach
robley is one of america?s leading sports artists
robley is in love with andy pressman (Who?? Is he cute??)
robley is
robley is the author of a novel
robley is the 60
robley is known for his super bowl
robley is the appointed director and the county engineer
robley is as follows
robley is a direct descendant of joseph robley of scarrowmanwick ( Huh??)
robley is expected to return to his dbf duties during the last quarter of 2001
robley is one of the uk's brightest performers ( Take that American Idol)
robley is a member of the alberta fish and wildlife officers association in provost
robley is the new director of medical staff services for st ( LOL)
robley is around
robley is a gay (Very True)
robley is unmarried ( well not legally)
robley is a native of greene county
robley is an instructor of graduate courses including the annual summer writing institute for k ( I did tutor for a year)
robley is a senior journalism student at uh manoa ( I lived in Hawaii)
robley is the office manager in student development
robley is a member of white hall lodge
robley is the possessor of 680 acres of land on sections 8
robley is pulling at that arm brace he wears
robley is the d00dsaq if there ever was a doodsaq (I have no Idea)
robley is the son of matthew and mary scott
robley is our welcome new edition on drums
robley is waving about

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