Thursday, April 27, 2006

It's Final season again.... time to call terminix

Today I had take two of my finals, I hate these damn things. The first one at 930 am was in Comparative Politics. A nice 5 paragraph essay on Past dependency in China and Russia and how it effects the political process, in an hour and half. I just hope that; one she can read it, my writing is terrible..and two that I made a strong enough point. I felt good about what I had written but I wasn't completely satisfied. I just hate those style of tests I'm just not that good at getting my damn Ideas out of my head.

The second on was in American Government, which wasn't really the final. See he drops the lowest grade and I have a high B on my first test and an A on the second so if I get and A on this one I'm not taking the final. Which he kinda made a point to the class letting the class know that fact. At least he didn't beat around the bush.

Now I only have one test left in my Media and Society class, which is a pretty good class. It's on Thurday of next week so I have a week to study, and it supposed to rain on Sunday so I'll make the most of that. Wish me Luck.

I already have my schedule for the Fall semester which isn't going to be much different from this semester. But I'll save that for another post.

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