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Since the late 15th century people from other parts of the world have been migrating to North America. Now 500 years later people are upset because of this. When it was Europeans the Native American tribes welcomed them, at first. Then they found themselves being forced from their lands, enslaved or just massacred. Each wave of people in the history on the Americas has moved in search of economic betterment, this wave is no difference. These waves of migration have earned this nation at least as the “Great Melting Pot”, we all have family stories of how are ancestors made their way here. This is also what has made a successful democracy with great cultural diversity.

In each of these waves of migration has also brought with it racial supremacy philosophy. In the early 19th century it was Scottish, Italians, next the Irish and the Chinese, all of these people were looked down upon. The same argument comes up that they were here to steal the jobs of hard working American. In fact these people took the jobs that no one wanted mining, the railroad or domestic chores. No one wanted these positions because they were hard, dirty and had low wages; they took them because they wanted to make a better life for their families.

The argument really isn’t any different today; the only thing that changed was the ethnicity of the people. Today it’s the Mexicans and people from Central America, they are the people that pick our fruits and vegetables, and they clean your offices or cook the meals at the restaurant last Friday night. They make up about 10 percent of the overall work force in the United States. Again these are jobs that many of us would snub our noses at, but if they were not done our grocery price would skyrocket or the food would just rot in the fields.

In Europe these same arguments are going on as we debate our own policies. The Germans are afraid of the Turkish, the French are afraid of North Africans and in the UK they are worried about workers from all of Europe. In this age of Globalization we fear for our own markets but care less about our neighbor. We keep signing these treaties and agreements, but they are meaning less to the common worker. I know this sound like socialist of even Communist theory, but its economic, the influx of workers makes us better off.

We need to capitalize on this. We need to treat these people with respect. We need to include them in the economy. This isn’t often but the idea from the” Idiot”(aka President Bush) about a guest worker isn’t a bad idea if it done correctly. If they are guest worker then they can pay taxes on the wages they earn. If they are a guest worker then they are accounted for and if necessary they can be checked for security reasons. If they are a guest worker then after period of time they should be allowed to apply for citizenship.

If you follow the theory of the other side of the argument then you want to make these people wanted criminals. You want to make priest and farmers criminals along with them. You would be talking about rounding up, arresting, processing and bring 12 million people to trial. Think about that number 12 million people. Our criminal system is already overloaded with drug users, dealers and republicans (sorry I couldn’t resist) I mean other offenders. Do you realize the manpower that would be needed to arrest and deport all of these people? Next you would want us to build a 1500-mile long Berlin style wall on the Mexican border. Think about this we are having trouble rebuilding the levees around New Orleans, so how could we build this wall?

We flaunt our way of life and then preach the benefits of democracy and capitalism. We use military force to shove it down the throats of nations. But, when people listen to us and want to pursue that dream we alienate them. When they come here peacefully we just enslave them in our economy. Just remember more than likely one of your family members was once an immigrant too.

By now I’m sure know where I stand on this argument. But, where do you stand on the immigration debate? Are these people criminals? Have they come to steal our jobs and way of life? So how should we put a stop to it all?

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landismom said...

I'm with you--people who are coming here to make a better life for themselves and their families in the 21st century are no different than my great-grandparents, who came here for the same reasons.

zenmoonstar said...

Great post O! Triple Amen. My grandparents were 'salt of the earth' people - immigrants who worked hard for every nickel. But even if they had come on the Mayflower, I hope I would welcome all who want to live and work in America.

At the same time, we need to really upgrade education and make it available to those who can't afford college or special training. In Germany, for example, everyone can go to college free or for little money. Or they can train for high paying jobs while still juniors in high school. We need to cherish our own kids and make them highly competitive in today's digital world. If Ireland can do it, why can't we?
Have a soul-refreshing day!
~ zenmoon

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