Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The current domination of Media is appalling. The media in this country once were rabid watchdogs that feared no one, not even a sitting President. It wasn’t so long ago that our established media took down the crimes of the Nixon Administration. The elders of truth are all but forgotten; Dave Brinkley and Peter Jennings have past in glory, Ted Koppel left with frustration, Dan Rather has gone in shame and Tom Brokaw has retired. All these men were the trusted face that brought us wars and elections and talked us through the events of 911.
The current generation of news anchors just don't have that same craving for the truth. They all follow the corporate vision it doesn't matter if they work for News corp., ABC or GE, they all have their own view on the bottom line. They show these feel good stories rather than digging for the truth. They all afraid of being shut out of the insiders’ edge or the window of access that is the White House press corp.
These are feeble times, where is that youthful glimmer that made these fathers of TV news dig deep for the truth? When will he or she step up to the plate and ignore the pressure of the right or the left and just follow the story.
I want the watchdog back: a nice rabid pit bull with a camera and a laptop. I'm bored of this stupid poodle with a bow on its collar.

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