Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Plant Sex

The damn plants are sexually active spreading their bodily fluid everywhere. How do I know this? Well my allergies are alive and well. Even after taking my usual meds, my eyes are irritated and itchy and my sinuses are still burning. If you still had any question just look at your car, if it is in Georgia it's probably yellow. Damn plant sex!

One would have figured that the republicans and Christian coalition would be up and arms about all this. They seem to want have their paws involved in everyone else sexual activity. Whether your gay or straight they seem to want to preach abstinence, vice being sexually responsible. Heaven forbid should a young adult have the knowledge to make a responsible sexual decision.

But this does not seem to be the case with foliage. Now don't get me wrong I love flowers and plants. I do have somewhat of a green thumb. I'm definitely not condoning massive defoliation or opening up national parks to mining and other industries. I just want the plants to stop involving me in their Menage a Tios. We just need a good rain to pull the pollen from the air and wash it off my truck.

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