Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Damn Bible Thumpers

Currently there is a bill before the Georgia Legislature that would allow the teaching of the Old and New Testament. So much for the separation of Church and State. Now I don't have anything against what people believe and how they want to experience those beliefs. What I have a problem with is shoving it down my throat and rubbing my nose in it. My biggest gripe is with the fact that they want to use my tax dollars.
Now it would be a totally different story if it were to include the teaching of the Torah, Koran, Buddhism, and any other religions. I mean heaven forbid should these kids be exposed to something different. Hell they might just learn something worthwhile. But to just teach one, in my book is a waste of my money. So here's the deal if these damn bible thumping bastards want religion in school then Churches should be taxed to pay for it.
It's bad enough I have to see those stupid Jesus fish on the back bumpers of their gas SUCKING SUV's or even worse when they turn the "I support the troops" ribbon magnets sideways. You support the troops so your precious little Johnny doesn't have too magnets. That really drives me up a wall.

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