Wednesday, February 22, 2006

With Liberty there is Civil War

In Iraq today the two men blew up the golden al-Askari shrine in Samarra a holy Shia site. In reprisal so far five sunni mosques have been attacked. We already understand that these two Islamic sect do not get along at all. These attacks on the holy sites are just fueling the ever growing divide.
Leaders have pleaded for restraint. Blood already boiling over the Danish Cartoon and I'm sure the release of more photos from prison abuse by US military hasn't helped any either people have moved to the streets. The Shia's make a great number of the population and were enemies of the Saddam regime. Things are only going to get worse, and American troops will find themselves in the middle.
The Iraqi Military still isn't up to speed to cope with situations like this and (I) not knowing the make up it's hard to say where they would stand. Could they fire if need to on Shia and Sunni's if fighting was to break out. Either way things aren't looking good.
This could be the needed spark to fuel a future violence that I could see developing into an ethnic cleansing in Iraq. We need to remember that the Shia were the victims of Saddam and had villages gassed during the Iraq-Iran war.
I really hope that I'm wrong here but tensions have been high between these groups long before we even got here. The difference was that Under Saddam, Shia's never would have considered acting out. After we overthrew Saddam's regime and let the people of Iraq develop their own government the Sunni's have been in opposition and the main support behind the insurgency.
We now will find ourselves in the middle, maybe Shia leaders will be able to cool things down. But how will the Sunni's react? Will the continue their level of violence toward the US occupation and the Shia led majority? Will the Iraqi government be able to control the violence? Let's just hope so for the safety of our men and women in uniform. Thank you again King George.

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Peter Rivendell said...

Is it not time we got the United Nations involved (for all the good they are).

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