Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Political Smokescreen

Seeing the shit hitting the fan in season of mid term elections Sen. Frist announced yesterday a vote on a marriage amendment. In past attempts have failed by the republicans to even get this past, decided to try again. They see falling support in many districts for the Republican incumbent candidates and fearing loosing control of the house. The party that swore to bring America together is again seeking to divide the nation. It seems to be their theory that's the easiest way to conquer.
Again and again this party seeks to alienate the minority with their values. By having the constitutional amendment they circumvent the courts and any possibility of public opinion on this matter. See how Massachusetts hasn't fallen into mayhem as so many in the Religious Right had predicted. Massachusetts is the only state that allows gay marriage at this time, VT and a few other states have laws for domestic partnerships which is an equivalent. But is still not equal.
This is where I can't and find it hard to understand the rational behind "Log Cabin Republicans"; your party doesn't want you, Hell they don't even respect your right to exist but you continue to support them. It just doesn't make any sense at all. These people are filled with HATE towards you and your family.
Sen. Frist, I'm sure with a little coaching from Mr. Rove are out to divide America and hide the real issues that face this nation. There is no current government oversight causing spending and corruption to have free reign. We are letting the people from Katrina victims, Elderly, Poor and future generations fall between the cracks. I've really had enough of this and I hope you have too. We need to find the correct road to drive down and get America back on track.
All I can ask here is do you know anyone that is Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual, are they a threat to you? Do want to see their rights and dreams shattered? Do you hate them that much that you'd rather see them be treated differently from the way that you are? Personally I don't care what label you assign it Marriage or Partnership, I do however feel that we should have a right to see or love for each other recognized as yours is. I'm not looking to take away from anyone’s union; all I and many others want is the same benefits that you have. I served to protect your rights and freedoms, now I'm repaid with a diminished capacity of what rights I can seek under our nations.

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