Friday, February 17, 2006

Noise Polution

Okay enough is enough; I'm tired of having to listen to your cell phone conversations.
Yesterday I'm sitting in the lecture hall waiting for the class to start there are a few people sitting waiting also we had about 20 minutes until it started. There was group of three girls sitting 4 rows in front of me having a conversation, which is fine I could barely hear them. Then one of the girls gets a phone call, but feels her friends and everyone else in the lecture hall should be a part of by putting it on speakerphone. After having her friend on the phone tell us all about this boy she likes, I asked them to turn it down. The response I got was "Mind your own business" and a snarling look on her ugly mug. You know the face, it was the one you gave your mother when you didn't get your way, my mom's usual response was "If you keep making that face it's going to freeze like that forever."
From now on rather then asking people to keep the conversation to themselves I'm just going to make some note and POST and juice tidbits on another blog I will create today. Now I'm not going to make it a purpose if I see someone on a cell phone that I can listen. But, if you feel you want to include the entire store, train cars, or restaurants in your conversation then I'll make couple of notes including; City, Location, Sex, and highlights of the conversation.
I'm just FED UP with you inconsiderate action.

So this is the only warning I'm going to give period.

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