Monday, January 23, 2006

The West Wing

Damn You NBC!!!!

After 7 seasons NBC announced today that they will be canceling The West Wing. Which happens to be my current favorite show, the nerve of them. I guess they feel it's seen better days not mention having to cope with the recent death of actor John Spencer. The show is currently in the mid of the presidential election and Spencer was Jimmy Smits running mate. In previous seasons they had already had to cope with a President without VP. I guess I can only spectulate that could be a possible reason not wanting to revisit old script ideas. Another reason could be the new Geena Davis show Commander and Chief on ABC, and just not wanting to compete against it. I have tuned in to it and think West Wing was the better of the 2. I know woman President has been the hot topic with the possibility of Hillary in 2008, but I found it fumbled around a lot.
The West Wing was raw and took on current issues with brute intelligent way, where Commander in Chief is watered down. I also Hate the first husband played by Kyle Secor(Rod Calloway), he's an ass. Though the son on Commander in Chief played by Matt Lanter(Horace Calloway)is HOT! They really need him have him question his sexuality and discover he likes dick.
All I can say is I wish all of the cast from The West Wing the best in future ventures, and I'm glad we have every episode on our Replay. ;-)

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