Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Preview

Good evening my fellow Americans. 2006 has been a rough year for me, my poll numbers have plummeted. My good friends Jack, Kenneth and Tom have all been indict. But, I just want to let you all know that I have a great team in place to help with their appeals. This team will also protect me from "High crimes and misdemeanors". This team will also ensure that the rights of Americans are turned back to pre-American revolution standards. They will ensure we can prey on, torture and kill those who we deem threaten me, I mean us.

Our future is bright us white Christian males will look forward to untold fortunes. I promise to make the tax cuts permanents. I will cut the deficit by ever increasing the class divide between the lower and upper. We will rebuild New Orleans, it will be a beautiful resort for my friends. I have dislocated and alienated all of lower class undesirable that used to live there.

I promise Americans will be edumacated to a level where they can't decipher between news, media and advertisements. We ensure that the press is censured and only report on our talking points. We will develop a one party system in America where dissenters fear for their lives and mute. I promise I will protect you from my hired foreigners that are friends of my family. I will continue to tap and read your emails, because you all are to stupid to protect yourselves or families. I will continue to divide America with issues that infringe on your rights and you don't even know it.

My Fellow Americans you are to stupid to even realize I am a well funded Nutcase, I hate you all and your way of life. Your social triumphs will be your downfall, and I shall make sure you can't think for yourselves, Act with a conscience and will be spoonfed lies.

I am your almighty leader and you will obey me and follow me blindly back into the Allegory of the cave.

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