Friday, November 11, 2005

Happy Veterans Day

So to today is Veterans Days, what does it mean. Well it is a Bank and Government holiday, so I guess you could hit the mall or maybe a movie. I know in Massachusetts Schools are closed, I guess you'll have to do something with the kids.

But what does it mean? Is it just a day that is inconvenience because you have to watch the kids? Or is it just the kick off for your holiday shopping?
What has surprised me since moving to Georgia is all school are in session and there are no parades. I always thought the south was overflowing with patriotism, but it's really not. In Massachusetts almost every town has some sort of parade or celebration honoring Veterans on this day.

But what is the mean? Did you know that one-third of adult homeless men and nearly one-quarter of all homeless adults have served in the armed forces. While there is no true measure of the number of homeless veterans, it has been estimated that more than 200,000 veterans may be homeless on any given night and that twice as many veterans experience homelessness during a year (US Department of Veterans Affairs).

There are more than 1 Million GLBT veterans in the US and I'm one.

So have you honored the Veterans in your community? We made the sacrifice so you didn't have too. I'm not judging anyone but just hoping to make some of you think just a little bit. Next time you see that homeless person don't spit on him/her, just think for a second. When you walk or drive by the local war memorial how about stopping for a second and have a look around.

Veterans Day is not just a day to run to the mall for a Sale. A lot of people gave a lot more than so many of us ever will. Just remember "Freedom isn't Free."

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