Saturday, October 15, 2005


Yesterday I had my first mid-term of the semester, in Philosophy. All I can say about is (In the voice of the simpsons' character the Comic book guy) "Worst Mid-Term Ever."
It wasn't because I didn't study I've been doing looking over note and readings since last week. We had 45 min to take the damn test after the professor finished his shpeal. I think the format may have had something do with it I don't know, really. We had 14 quotes to read and then pick 4, ID the author, the reading and write a paragraph about it. I was just overwhelmed seeing all the quotes and I did recognize 80% of them at first sight. I just drew a blank, it was like I sat down and flushed a toilet and all my thoughts went down the pipe with the rest of the crap.
The rest of the test was 14 multiple choice and 15 matching. I think I just spent to much time writing the realized I had 15min to answer the others so I answered the multiple choice and did some the matching.
I haven't been flustered by a test in a longtime and usually do pretty good. I just don't know what happened and have been trying to regroup. I know I bombed it. I still have a paper and the final so can still pull my grade out of the shitter.

On top of it all work wasn't much better. Two people called out leaving us shorthanded people always seem to be sick on Friday nights. Next, I had one witch that chewed me a new ass because she felt she had been smited by one of employees. So I just stood there and took, not much else I can do. I apologized and talked to the employee. It was just on of those nights there was a lot of traffic in the store which was great, and we were busy, so I was running here and there. I just didn't get anything accomplished that I wanted to. By the time the store was closed up and myself and the other manager left it was 10:30 we usually leave by 9:30.

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