Monday, October 31, 2005


Trick or Treat? The Trick; Scurrying around all weekend the Rats in the Bush admin were able to find an ASS to take Miers place. I do mean ASS in capitals, from what I have read and heard so far is not good. Judge Alito is basically a Bigot and Racist. But Bush did say once again that he is the "Most qualified canidate", but wait a minute I thought Ms. Miers was the "Most qualified" Is it me or is someone confused? Oh yeah that's right W opened his lie hole again. I hope this SOB isn't confirmed.

The Treat; I can't remember if I mentioned this on Friday or not, but Scooter is in Trooouble. I just hope Fitzgerald doesn't stop there, you know others in higher places knew more. I don't understand how getting a hummer in the Oval office should result in an impeachment hearing and Treason doesn't. I'm sorry I had security clearance when I was in the navy, there are some serious WTF going on. I just hope that some how it can be linked back to W, least before he Pardons Scooter.

This weekend Ryan and I drove up to Northern Georgia to check out the foliage, there wasn't much. I really miss Fall in New England, this is one of my favorite seasons. I love the smell of the leaves, even the fact I'd have to spend a day racking them. If you have the chance you really should check out New England in Fall, leaf peeping is really amazing.

Tomorrow I have to take the stupid regents test at GSU. Ugh I hate tests, but wish me luck. Once that is all over I need to finish a paper for my International Relations class.

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