Thursday, September 29, 2005

Um Weird

Yesterday, was a strange day if I must say so. It was just one of those days you'd expect during a full or new moon, but as far as I know we're in-between cycles. It started as any one of my days. I got up checked email, showered and caught the train to school, then things changed. Between classes I stepped out to grab a smoke, I know a dirty habit, I just wanted to think. Off to my left was some quack-nut preaching to passers by they were going to "Hell". This all perked my curiosity and found myself walking towards him. Hey he was kinda cute for a freak.
He was probably 25, 5'10 about 150 with a nice build. But, seeing how he was preaching to random people, it was obivious that he had a weak constitution and was easily brainwashed. I wasn't going to try and hit on him or anything like that, I'm happily taken. I sat on wall and listen to his random ranting, none of which made sense, I was surprised he wasn't handing out any literature that so many others do.
I guess he noticed that I was sitting there listening and came over, I guess he thought I was an easy target. He struck up a conversation;
Him " Do you believe in your soul my friend?"
Me: "Sure, I guess"
Him: "Do you go to this Evil Institution?"
Me: "You mean Georgia State?"
Him: "Yes, It's a place of low moral character, and it corrupts the minds of youth."
Me: "How does it do that?"
Him: "It's not God's University."
Me: "I didn't know he had one, where is it?"
Him:"It's everywhere, It's inside of you, It's the church"" You just need to accept Jesus as your savior and teacher."
(I thought he was going to say Bob Jones University in the Carolina's)
Me: "But how does GSU corrupt the mind?"
Him:"It's full of gays and foreigners, it promotes other Gods"
(I didn't tell him I was gay, though I was getting a bit pissed at this point.)
Me: "So what makes that so bad, I thought Jesus loved everyone?'
Him:" Jesus, only loves those who he loves." (I have no idea what that means.)
Me: " That still didn't answer my question, How does GSU corrupt the mind?"
Him: " It allows evil to take place. The children dress like whores. There's sex everywhere." (damn, I didn't see that course in the catalog.)
Me:"So that's why we're going to hell, because the school allows Gays and foreigners to attend." But if Jesus loves everyone, wouldn't he love them also?"
Him: "No, They promote evil, they brainwash gods children." (I'm sorry I have yet to brainwash anyone, I've never promoted evil, I'm not a republican.)
Me: " let me get this right GSU trains people to be gay. Then introduces them to foreigners and lesser Gods, Right?"
Him: " Now your seeing the light!" (No, What I'm seeing is a Nut)
Me: "Did you go to college?"
Him: "I went to the college of God"
Me: "What did he give you a degree in?"
Him: "Seeing Evil for what it is."
Me: "Okay man, I'll think about that and I can see we're at odds about a few things. I need to go class."
Him: " Your going to sink Deeper into Hell"

I cut my conversation off when I did, because my blood was beginning to boil and I didn't want to get into a shouting match. We both had kept it to normal levels of conversation, I guess he thought he had a sucker.
Now this is only a rough overview of our discussion and I'm not sure if I got it all. I did clean up some of the figures of speech he used, they were quite derogatory to certain ethnic groups. I'm not one for giving these crack-pots a soap box. Nor did he change my mind about any religious concepts, accept maybe reinforcing my knowledge that hate and ignorance is alive and well within it. I just wish I had a camera to take a few photos of him screaming on the corner that GSU is sending everyone to Hell.

This wasn't the end of the weirdness of the day. After class I had to get my ass to work, I had about 2 hours. I headed out a side entrance because I wanted to avoid the cute Crack-pot and another conversation. I didn't want him to think I was an Allied force in his quest. I finally get to 5 points, at the corner of Peachtree st. and Decatur , there's this statue there. I guess it's to show diversity it's a person covered in different shapes with assorted colors in each one holding on to rectangle.
I pass it everyday and think nothing of it, not usually paying it any mind. But, on this day there was this woman dancing a jig in front of it sing a odd rendition of "Candyman" her version was Rubberband man.
Now this wasn't the strangest part of it she was fairly well groomed, wearing brown shirt and shorts. Kinda like the ones you see on a hot UPS Guy. Now her make up was bright red rouge but it was applied like a soldiers camoface paint. I didn't strike up a conversation with her, I didn't want to press my luck. I just stood in amazement thinking to myself "WTF is going on!"
I couldn't tell if she was a homeless person or mentally ill, I mean for all I knew she was completely sane and I was missing something. I know art is supposed provoke thought and emotion, but not like this. I Just wish I had a camera with me, I know I could bring my camera everyday for the next 50 years and I'll never again see this.

So how was your day?

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